Team information

Alba Ochando Martínez
Bachelor Catholic University of Valencia (UCV)

Marta Cerdá Bernabé
Bachelor Universitat de València

Manasi Nachankar
Master Manasi Nachankar

Mia Đula
Master University of Zagreb

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Vision & problem statement

Cashew trees (Anacardium occidentale) are native to the tropics of South America and introduced by the Portuguese to the rest of the world including India and Africa. The cashew fruit is a tropical fruit produced by the cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) that consists of a fleshy, edible apple attached to the seed (the cashew nut). Cashews are harvested for the cashew seed and the cashew apple is discarded. At present, around 90-95 % of cashew apples are wasted due to their rapid perishable nature, improper post-harvest techniques, and non-adoption of proper processing techniques. Our goal is to develop a high-value product from the cashew apple, which will allow the utilization of the whole fruit and the elimination of the wastage from such a nutritious product and also help the local farmers and women workers from developing countries such as India and Africa to earn extra money for their efforts.

Our solution

Our main focus of the area is utilizing the cashew apple by developing a high-value product. It is an opportunity for farmers in developing countries and also helps mitigate food waste because of two main reasons : Value-added product: Cashew apples are often discarded or left to rot after the cashew nuts have been harvested. Turning cashew apples into a high-value product it will help farmers generate additional income. Export potential: In addition to the local market, there may also be opportunities to export to other countries, particularly if the product is unique and high-quality. This could provide a new source of income for farmers and stimulate economic development in the region. Cashew apples are not commonly used to produce high-value products which means a product made out of cashew apples could be unique and distinctive that stand out in the market. In addition, the cashew apple has several unique qualities. The fruit has a sweet, tropical flavor and a fragrant aroma that may add interesting and complex flavors to the finished product.

About the team

We are a culturally diverse team from Spain, India, and Croatia. The group members have expertise in different areas such as Food Analysis, Business Development, Product formulation, Biotechnology, Agricultural production, and Food engineering. Some of us have a working knowledge of working with the farmers closely and some domain knowledge of cashew production in India. Our main drive is to work together towards reducing food waste and helping the local farmers and women workers from developing countries.

One-liner that describes your team

Dedicated individuals working towards creative solutions for reducing food waste.

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