It all starts with our Organisation

Committee of Recommendation Cees Buisman
Member Executive Board- Wetsus
Prof. dr. ir. Arthur Mol
Rector Magnificus WUR
Dr. Saskia Visser
Land use, agri-food and sustainable bio-economy Orchestrator-Climate-KIC

Advisory Board

Prof. dr. ir. Arnold Bregt
Dean of Education-WUR
Dr. ir. Ernst van den Ende
Managing Director Plant Sciences Group-WUR
Prof. dr. Perry den Brok
Chair 4TU Centre for Engineering Education-WUR
Sebastiaan Berendse
Corporate Director Value Creation-WUR
Tim van Hattum
Program Leader Green Climate Solutions-WUR
Dr. Nettie Buitelaar
Chief Business Officer – BiosanaPharma
Annabel Oosterwijk
Researcher Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment Agrifood- WUR
Luc Lebens
Director - Soapbox

Expert panel ReThink Waste Challenge

Dr. Harriëtte Bos
Programme leader Transformative Bioeconomies- WUR
Prof.dr. Harry Bitter
Professor Biobased Chemistry and Technology – WUR
Dr. Lisa Ploum
Academic Coordinator Entrepreneurship - WUR
Paulien Harmsen
Senior Scientist Biorefinery & Textiles – WUR
Dr. Maurits Burgering
Program Director Thematic Technology Transfer Circular Technology – WUR
Rio Pals
Manager WUR Student Challenges – WUR
Dr. Hilke Bos-Brouwers
Senior Scientist Circular Economy - WUR
Gerlinde van Vilsteren
Projectmanager Value Creation- WUR
Sanne Stroosnijder
Program manager Food Loss and Waste Prevention- WUR

Organising Team

Marta Eggers
Project Leader- WUR
Nina van Den Driesschen
Project Manager- Soapbox
Nienke Zwaal
Project Coördinator Soapbox
Thomas Ariaans
Project & Account Manager- Soapbox
Mareva Meulemans
Social Media Manager – Nevermind Productions