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Larissa Markus
Master Wageningen University and Research

Muskan Mathur
Master Wageningen University and Research

Kingdavid Ozobodo
Master Wageningen University and Research

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Vision & problem statement

Energy efficiency is an important way to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and thermal insulation is an easy and effective means of achieving this. Our vision is to make housing more sustainable, affordable, and less damaging to human health by providing insulation materials with a low carbon footprint from up-cycled rapeseed stalk. We plan to launch our business in Europe, then expand globally. Our goal is to create a direct clean waste stream from rapeseed stalk agricultural companies and farms to insulation production and to give people the choice to be part of global change for a sustainable construction economy.

Our solution

The project aims to utilize rapeseed stalk as an ingredient for insulation materials. Lower thermal conductivity indicates a better insulation material. Conventional insulators cause skin and airway irritation due to small pieces or chemicals getting released. This is not an issue with our more natural, non-toxic, allergen-free product which can be safely handled and installed without extra safety equipment required for the installation of conventional insulators. Moreover, while conventional insulators are often only one-time use and need several human lifetimes to degrade, causing health hazards while doing so, our product can be reused and recycled, and are fully biodegradable. The rapeseed stalk will be collected from agricultural companies, farms and trials will be made to achieve a more sustainable and affordable insulating board.

About the team

BB&B is a group of 5 international students from different universities with backgrounds in Environmental and Biobased Technology, Biobased Sciences, Plant Biotechnology, Food Technology, and Environmental Technology. This mixture of knowledge enables us to see from various perspectives how to process food waste into construction materials that result in lower carbon emissions. We want to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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