Team information

Yinghan Jiang
Bachelor Nanjing Agricultural University

Yu Chen
Master China agriculture university

Xinrui Xu
fresh graduate Nanjing Agriculture University

Rongguang Gao
Bachelor Nanjing Agricultural University

Qian Xiao
Bachelor Nanjing Agricultural University

Hui Zhang
Bachelor Nanjin Agricultural University

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Vision & problem statement

A large amount of exudate is produced in the process of slaughtering and deep processing. There is no systematic method to make efficient use of such meat processing by-products, which is to waste muscle protein and produce environmental pollution. We will recycle exudate protein for the development of degradable membrane materials, providing a new idea for the high-value utilization of meat by-products.

Our solution

We evaluated the composition and protein components of meat exudate, used pH drive technology to recover high-quality proteins, deeply studied the functional characteristics of gel emulsification of recovered proteins, and finally applied the recycled exudate protein to the development of degradable packaging membrane materials. Animal-based raw materials, matching innovation and extraction optimization bring a new biodegradable packaging experience.

About the team

Our team used the pH drive technology to recover the high-quality protein, and applied the recycled exudate protein to the development of biodegradable packaging membrane materials. By joining WUR Reflection Protein, we believe all our team members can work together to better understand food science, particularly protein research. More importantly, we can share our ideas for the better with our international friends in different regions and universities.

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Dedicated to the recycling and reusing of waste resources

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