SunSoil Energy

Team information

Mariam Dahmane
Bachelor Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II

Jorge Bittner
Master International School of Agri Management

Ricardo Soto
Master International School of Agri management

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Vision & problem statement

We want to generate an impact on solar energy use and provide an opportunity to every farmer that is using soil covers or mulch in their crop production. The main problem that we have identified is the use of plastic and the waste of solar energy inside greenhouses.

Our solution

Replacing the common mulch or plastic that is used to cover the soil during crop production inside greenhouses. It is a great opportunity because it will reduce the waste of plastic, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs of inputs like herbicides. The main reason to identify this project as unique is that most of people is researching and developing components to implement solar panel in the roof o greenhouses.

About the team

Our team is multidisciplinary from agricultural sciences, environmental sciences and business management. We will have an open vision of the agricultural trough the culture of different countries that our member come from. We have worked in Biotechnology and Agriculture.

One-liner that describes your team

Working on the future of our earth