Waste Matters

Team information

Sarani C. Ranaweera
Bachelor University of London

Chamil Karunathilaka
fresh graduate University of Jaffna

Bharathi Ukwatta
Bachelor Ocean University of Sri Lanka

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Vision & problem statement

As we know plastic has many valuable uses and people now became very addicted to single used plastic products. This leads to a severe environmental, social, health and economic consequences as worldwide. Therefore, as humans, to reduce this global disaster, we have to come up with sustainable and innovative solutions. Recycling and make it in to Yarn is one of the best solution towards this plastic pollution. By recycling and turning it textile products will help to reduce this plastic pollution in the world.

Our solution

The aim of this project is to end plastic pollution through recycling. In order to collect waste, we will do several cleanups in the selected (most polluted areas). The plastic (PET bottles) will be recycled and turned in to yarn and later on the Yarn will make textile products. Rest of the (non PET bottles) waste will be handover to relevant recycling plants to recycle as well.Through this platform, I hope it gives us the platform to enhance our skills, build network, mentor-ship and financial aid to succeed this projects. This project is unique because in the same time it helps to end plastic pollution, to make sustainable business opportunities.

About the team

Team Lead - Ms. Sarani Ranaweera Team Members - Mr. Nirmal Kalubowila Ms. S.Bharathi Ukwaththa Mr. Chamil KArunathilaka All the team members are well passionate towards end environmental and marine pollution. Also all the team members learning and knowledgeable on regarding matter. All four team members are Scuba Divers and they have been involved in cleaning marine debris activities for the pat few years. As a youth, I always looking for sustainable and innovative solutions in environmental and marine related issues.

One-liner that describes your team

Bring sustainable and innovative sollutions for the environment and ocean pollution