Team information

Zulfikar Dabby Anwar
Bachelor Brawijaya University

Christoforus Kalo Bello Puyanggana
Bachelor Universitas Brawijaya

Hafiz Okta Ramadhan
Bachelor Universitas Brawijaya

Ni Wayan Atik Sarmila Dewi
Bachelor Brawijaya University

Risa Salsabilla
Bachelor Brawijaya University

Wahyu Rizki Pratama
Bachelor Brawijaya University

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Vision & problem statement

EcoLiving will be the pioneer of zero waste household scale based on women's community in sustainable food waste management. The program has several missions, such as developing an integrated digital food waste bank website system, improving food waste management based women's community, and collaborating with stakeholders in managing the program. EcoLiving addresses food waste as a factor in climate change. The high availability of food waste has impacted to the environment, social, and economic aspects. Nowadays, food waste increased due to the lack of household food waste management which produces almost 47% of the total food waste worldwide.

Our solution

EcoLiving is a digital food waste bank innovation as an integrated food waste management solution that connects households, food waste managers, and customers. This platform has the potential to be developed because of its potential to transform waste into valuable products. EcoLiving features a blockchain system to ensure data security and integrated smart sorting to identify food waste from households. Processing food waste based on the level of product defects, including 0-10% defects will be re-consumed, 10-20% defects will be processed as food products, and more than 20% will be processed as organic fertilizer, compost, worm feed, and maggot feed.

About the team

EcoLiving Team is made up of students majoring in agribusiness and agro-ecotechnology with various experiences. Zulfikar as CEO has experience in organizing tasks and coordinating group. Christoforus as COO has experience in fertilizer processing and worm cultivation. Ni Wayan as CFO has experience in transactions and management budgeting. Hafiz as CTO has experience in website development. EcoLiving team has the commitment to educate and empower women as zero-waste pioneers

One-liner that describes your team

EcoLiving, zero-waste pioneers for sustainable living

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