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Panteleimon Agianidis
Master Wageningen University and Research

Samara Hernandez Arteaga
Master Wageningen University and Research

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Vision & problem statement

The pineapple has a world production of 25.4 million tons annually. Pineapple by-products include the core, peels, stem, crown, and leaves, which all together account for about of 50% (w/w) of general pineapple weight. Consequently, this industry generates a significant amount of waste divided into two main categories, pineapple on farm waste (POFW) and pineapple peel waste (PPW). The waste usually ends up in landfills, producing gases such as methane, which contributes towards environmental problems. Additionally, the disposal of pineapple waste occupies valuable space and due to microbial spoilage can pollute soil and water. Thus, this issue represents a challenge for the pineapple waste management, which will further lead to extended problems in the food chain, if not successfully utilized.

Our solution

The utilization of waste by-products from the pineapple industry will give an opportunity to reduce the large amounts of waste, which create environmental problems via the food chain. By using the pineapple by products as a main ingredient to produce our versatile and healthy drink we aim to create awareness in the market about this issue. There is a great potential for this project as the market of pineapple is already huge but at the same time harmful for the environment. At the same time the elevation of product choices, which are healthier but also tastier, is an advantage for our project. As the final user is the consumer the best way to create market awareness is by introducing a versatile/ new for the world drink, that not only loves mother earth but also happy human faces!

About the team

Hello world, this is Fermentera introducing the new era of fermentation. Our team consists of two members, which are currently Master students of Food Technology at Wageningen University, specialized on Product Design and Ingredient Functionality & Food fermentation, biotechnology, and Gut health. The connecting factor of the team members is our love for fermented products, which is coupled with unique flavours, functionalities, and health benefits. Over the past few years our team has identified the fast growth of fermented products. The redirection of the food system towards higher awareness on environmental and health issues made us reconsider the strategy towards our personal and professional development. Our love for environment/ health and food is the combination which will make us reach our goal, contributing towards the change we want to see in the world.

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The new era of fermentation

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