Water Coin

Team information

Laa Roybafyh
Bachelor Gadjah Mada University (UGM)

Tri Patrisya BR. Sibarani
Bachelor Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University

Adhelia Intan Sabhira
Bachelor Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Vision & problem statement

Water Coin is a startup that focuses on solving problems related to the availability of drinking water, through water management and treatment, digitization and environmental considerations. Water Coin wants to solve the problems experienced by industry, society and the environment as a sustainable innovation.

Our solution

Our business is related to filter machines and drinking water distribution. With our machines, people can get hygienic/safe and easily available drinking water, as well as reduce plastic packaging from mineral bottled water while playing a role in the use of new renewable energy to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases and global warming. The machine can work by filtering water from existing sources into drinking water in accordance with existing drinking water quality requirements. To run the payment and filtering system using a solar energy source by installing two solar panels on it and a battery as an electrical energy storage that can be used at night.

About the team

In December 2021,through Telkom Indonesia's Social Project Innovillage program, Water Coin team has made a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our team members have various scientific backgrounds, such as engineering and management. Here's our team, Patrisya with a background in Information System, Laa Roybafyh with a background in Civil Engineering, Adhel with background in Biology, Yoga with a background in Electrical Engineering, Yusuf with a background in Electrical Engineering. We won several competitions such as TOP 120 Social Project Innovillage Funding 2021, Silver in Rekinnovation competition 2021, 3rd Place Danone AQUA Single-use Plastic Solution Competition and Youthtopia 2022, 3rd Place Climate Innovation League by Ecoxyztem and European Union 2022, 2nd Place Kolabreneur by WUHub , BRIN, Kemenparekraf, 1st Place in the Ideanation Innovation Challenge by Baramulti Group. We are also an ecosystem startup from the GoTo Group Foundation, New Energy NEXUS.

One-liner that describes your team

Solving problems related to the availability of drinking water