Team information

Marco Nieto Lojo
Bachelor Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC)

Miriam Vilarnovo Allal
Bachelor University of A Coruña (UDC)

Anxo Nieto Lojo

Larisa Birsanu
Bachelor ESIC Business & Marketing School

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Vision & problem statement

Electricity is the energy of the present but above all of the future and its generation as well as the amount of it consumed in the industry pose a problem for the human being. From the ElectrOlive team we are looking for a way to achieve self-sustainability and electricity production in the world of olive cultivation and olive oil in a clean and profitable way, taking advantage of the biomass resulting from these two closely related activities. The objective is to obtain energy while reducing the amount of waste generated in the industry.

Our solution

To solve current electrical energy problems, we propose the design and creation of an intelligent network that monitors the processes that are carried out in the industry that we have selected to make them as efficient as possible and obtain the greatest amount of biomass from the process. Subsequently, this biomass will be treated and consumed to generate clean electrical energy, which is used to make a self-sustaining process and generate excess electrical energy for other uses. This will facilitate the shift to the clean energy of the future by avoiding current performance or profitability issues that hinder the transition.

About the team

We are a team made up of undergraduate students from different disciplines such as engineering, biology and marketing. On the other hand, our group already has extensive experience in the design and management of projects in different fields, which will help us to be more adaptable in this challenge. We also have experience in the labor market which will help us to design a realistic project taking into account the possible complications that could arise.

One-liner that describes your team

Obtain energy while reducing the amount of waste generated in the olive industry